Formula One 2 Vec ?>

Formula One 2 Vec

You know what is the most geeky way to ‘prove’ that Alonso is the best F1 driver ever? It is Neural Embeddings! In this post I will try to give an intuitive explanation of what neural embeddings are, how they can be calculated and show some examples of how they capture semantic information about the objects they represent. In the end of this post, you will understand how all this relates to Alonso’s driving skills.

Chinese GP 2019 ?>

Chinese GP 2019

Whether the next race marks the 1000th Formula 1 Grand Prix is debatable, but we definitely know that it will be an exciting race to watch! Charles Leclerc lost the win in Bahrain due to a faulty engine component but he – and we – hope that he gets his revenge and takes the win this time. He seems to have the edge over teammate Vettel and if his Ferrari holds strong, rest assured he will do his utmost to…

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Bahrain GP 2019 ?>

Bahrain GP 2019

Last race was a small ‘fiasco’ for Ferrari given the team’s performance in winter testing. Was Mercedes sandbagging in Barcelona or Ferrari somehow lost its performance in Melbourne? I hope we find this out in the upcoming Bahrain GP. The circuit layout and the track’s width have offered some great battles in the past years. This time, F1 has introduced a 3rd DRS zone (in the start-finish straight) which will give us even more fights.

Australian GP 2019 ?>

Australian GP 2019

The new season is starting and the teams have given us a first glimpse of their 2019 cars and performance. The most visible change to the cars this year will be the front wing. The new wings will be wider but, most importantly, simpler. The vortex-generating fins have been stripped off in an effort to minimize the turbulence created by the front wing and help the cars race closer to each other. Will this improve racing in 2019? I am…

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Building an F1 prediction engine – Predictive Modelling Part II ?>

Building an F1 prediction engine – Predictive Modelling Part II

This post will describe and explain maybe the most critical part of predictive modelling: how to correctly estimate the performance of a machine learning model. This is performed by setting up a trusted cross-validation framework. It’s crucial to get this right, otherwise your model performance estimates will not reflect the true model performance.

Abu Dhabi GP 2018 ?>

Abu Dhabi GP 2018

Last race of the season, last race for Fernando Alonso! Also last race for Kimi in a Ferrari and last race for Vandoorne, Ocon and possibly for some others… Both championships may have already been decided but the upcoming Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will be one to remember forever. One could write pages about Alonso’s career, its ups and downs, his wrong choices but also about his relentless passion, his consistency, his dominance! My model thinks he is one of…

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Brazilian GP 2018 ?>

Brazilian GP 2018

Lewis Hamilton may have already clinched the driver’s championship however there’s still a lot to play for in the final two races of the season. The most important battle is the one for the positions 4 to 9 in the constructors championship where each team might get a lot of prize money if they are able to get higher in the standings.

Mexican GP 2018 ?>

Mexican GP 2018

“F***ing finally”! That’s what Kimi said after his surprising win in Austin, Texas. He had last won in 2013 with Renault while his last win with Ferrari was back in 2009 during his first stint with the team. Kimi also became the oldest Grand Prix winner since Nigel Mansell in 1994. In contrast, Vettel did yet another mistake and has virtually no chances to win the championship.

United States GP 2018 ?>

United States GP 2018

Lewis Hamilton could clinch the title in the United States grand prix this weekend if he outscores Vettel by eight points. Anyway, it is now a matter of when, not if – despite Mercedes’ Toto Wolff saying the opposite. In COTA, both drivers have won but Lewis has taken by far more wins than Seb. A fun fact is that all races in this circuit have been won from the front row of the grid.

Japanese GP 2018 ?>

Japanese GP 2018

The biggest news coming into the Japanese GP were about Raikkonen’s haikus. In case you don’t know what they are (like I did), please have a look at the link. Joking aside, Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes have played well the team game called ‘F1’ and are on their way to winning both championships again.

Russian GP 2018 ?>

Russian GP 2018

Russian GP started with the announcement that Antonio Giovinazzi will replace Ericsson in Sauber next season and will partner Kimi Raikkonen. Tomorrow Torro Rosso is also expected to present Daniil Kvyat as one of its drivers for next year while Brendon’s future is uncertain. Besides all this, the battle for the driver’s championship is still on. If Vettel wins all remainining races, he still gets the title.