2017 season overview ?>

2017 season overview

2017 season is, unfortunately, over and at the same time that was the end of the first season F1-predictor published qualifying and race predictions. In this post I would like to describe my experience from this first year of keeping this blog and – most importantly – provide an objective assessment of 2017 predictions!

Abu Dhabi GP 2017 ?>

Abu Dhabi GP 2017

The season is – unfortunately – coming to an end and both world championships have been already decided. Abu Dhabi is the last race of the season and we’ll only be interested in seeing whether Vettel can seal the 2nd position in the drivers championship.

Brazilian GP 2017 ?>

Brazilian GP 2017

Hamilton and Mercedes may have clinched the driver’s and the constructor’s championship respectively, but there’s a lot to play for in the lower positions. Just six points separates Toro Rosso in 6th position, Renault in 7th and Haas in 8th. I believe both teams will jump ahead of Torro Rosso mainly due to the inexperience of its current driver line-up.

Mexican GP 2017 ?>

Mexican GP 2017

Just three races remain this season, Mercedes is already crowned champion and Lewis Hamilton may clinch the driver’s title this weekend. We were sure hoping for more intrigue in the closing stages of the season. In the upcoming Mexican GP, Hamilton is expected to take pole and win the race as well.

United States GP 2017 ?>

United States GP 2017

Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel are still trying to recover from the past three nightmare race weekends and F1 is heading to the Circuit Of The Americas (COTA) in Austin, Texas. Pierre Gasly will be substituted with Kvyat who will partner with Brendon Hartley since Sainz is taking the Palmer’s race seat in Renault.

Japanese GP 2017 ?>

Japanese GP 2017

Just five races remain till the championship ends and next up is the Japanese GP in Suzuka circuit. Vettel and Scuderia Ferrari desperately need the victory here if they want to have a chance at the driver’s title. The two title contenders are expected to start and finish in the first two positions, with Hamilton first and Vettel second.

Building an F1 prediction engine – Feature Engineering Part III ?>

Building an F1 prediction engine – Feature Engineering Part III

After creating all features, it is quickly evident that there are a lot of missing data. Missing data should be dealt with before going on to the next phases of our model building. In this post, I’m going to quickly describe the reasons behind the missing values and ways to treat them.

Malaysian GP 2017 ?>

Malaysian GP 2017

Following on of the most unpredictable Grand Prix in 2017, F1 is heading to Malaysia for the last Grand Prix in that circuit for the foreseeable future. What a shame! This circuit and the usually rainy conditions produced some of the most exciting races in the past 19 years. Friday practice sessions showed that Mercedes might suffer here but the model still thinks Hamilton is the favourite for the pole position.

Singapore GP 2017 ?>

Singapore GP 2017

F1 is leaving Europe and is heading to Singapore for a Grand Prix that is expected to help the Ferraris. Red Bull will also be strong and it will sure be a 3-team race. It’s difficult to predict how the top-6 drivers will start and finish the race but the model thinks it will be a classic Mercedes-Ferraris-Red Bulls occupying each of the first three rows respectively.