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Mexican GP 2018 ?>

Mexican GP 2018

“F***ing finally”! That’s what Kimi said after his surprising win in Austin, Texas. He had last won in 2013 with Renault while his last win with Ferrari was back in 2009 during his first stint with the team. Kimi also became the oldest Grand Prix winner since Nigel Mansell in 1994. In contrast, Vettel did yet another mistake and has virtually no chances to win the championship. Please share the post:

United States GP 2018 ?>

United States GP 2018

Lewis Hamilton could clinch the title in the United States grand prix this weekend if he outscores Vettel by eight points. Anyway, it is now a matter of when, not if – despite Mercedes’ Toto Wolff saying the opposite. In COTA, both drivers have won but Lewis has taken by far more wins than Seb. A fun fact is that all races in this circuit have been won from the front row of the grid. Please share the post:

Japanese GP 2018 ?>

Japanese GP 2018

The biggest news coming into the Japanese GP were about Raikkonen’s haikus. In case you don’t know what they are (like I did), please have a look at the link. Joking aside, Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes have played well the team game called ‘F1’ and are on their way to winning both championships again. Please share the post:

Russian GP 2018 ?>

Russian GP 2018

Russian GP started with the announcement that Antonio Giovinazzi will replace Ericsson in Sauber next season and will partner Kimi Raikkonen. Tomorrow Torro Rosso is also expected to present Daniil Kvyat as one of its drivers for next year while Brendon’s future is uncertain. Besides all this, the battle for the driver’s championship is still on. If Vettel wins all remainining races, he still gets the title. Please share the post:

Singapore GP 2018 ?>

Singapore GP 2018

The big news this week is that Kimi Raikkonen is moving to Sauber with a 2-year contract and Leclerc is taking his position in Ferrari for the next season. Although the move for Kimi was unexpected, it’s been rumored that he has bought part of the Sauber team; after all, it’s the team he started in F1 with and it’s base is right next to his home in Switzerland. It’s a smart move from Ferrari who want to have a…

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Italian GP 2018 ?>

Italian GP 2018

Monza, the temple of speed, is the next destination of F1; a place where Ferrari has not tasted the home win since Alonso took the victory in 2010. The latest engine upgrade showed some impressive signs and the Prancing Horse is hoping to capitalize on that in front of thousands of tifosi. Please share the post:

Belgian GP 2018 ?>

Belgian GP 2018

After the log summer break, F1 is heading to Belgium and Spa Francorchamps where Vettel will be hoping to close down the points difference in the drivers championship. In the meantime, the F1 driver market has gone crazy after the unexpected move from Ricciardo to Renault next year and Alonso deciding to retire from F1 and find new challenges in other series. This has lead to McLaren signing Sainz and Gasly being promoted to Red Bull. Lots of positions are…

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Hungarian GP 2018 ?>

Hungarian GP 2018

Lewis Hamilton is once again leading the world championship after Vettel’s crash in the rainy Hockenheim. Seb must win more points than his title rival if he wants to stay in contention of the drivers championship. However, the upcoming GP is held on the narrow and twisty Hungaroring; a circuit where the Red Bulls are expected to have the advantage just like they did in Monaco earlier this season. Please share the post:

German GP 2018 ?>

German GP 2018

This season is crossing its middle point as F1 heads to Germany which holds the 11th out of the 21 Grand Prix this year. The first-ever, and probably last, triple-header has been completed with Ferrari and Vettel being the winners. Hamilton is hoping to close the 8-point gap to Vettel while Bottas needs to finally get a break and start winning some good points. Please share the post:

British GP 2018 ?>

British GP 2018

Ferrari and Vettel are now leading the respective championships but F1 is heading to Silverstone, a circuit where Mercedes did an 1-2 last year and where a Mercedes car has been winning every year since 2013! So, the odds are with the reigning world champions and they should regain the lead after a disastrous Austrian GP. Please share the post: