Introducing Formula 1 Power Predictions ?>

Introducing Formula 1 Power Predictions

With this post I’m happy to announce the introduction of F1-Predictor power predictions – the culmination of a 3-year effort to systematically collect and analyze historical F1 data to identify ‘golden’ potential. You can find the power predictions on power.f1-predictor.com where you can also see their historical performance.

Saudi Arabian GP 2023 ?>

Saudi Arabian GP 2023

F1 2023 season started a week ago and both championships seem to be already decided. Red Bull and Max Verstappen look unbeatable and it’s hard to predict anyone else winning the trophies this year. The interesting thing is that we are going to have a three-way battle for the 2nd best car. Ferrari, Mercedes and Aston Martin will fight for this position since the latter’s pre-season testing form was translated to a podium finish in Bahrain. Alonso (my personal favorite…

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Bahrain GP 2023 ?>

Bahrain GP 2023

It may feel like the last season ended just yesterday but the new season begins shortly. Max is now a double world champion, Red Bull is now the winner of the constructors championship and Mercedes has lost that title for the first time since the introduction of the hybrid engines back in 2014. Besides that, there have been many changes in the paddock. Many team principals have changed teams, Vettel and Ricciardo have left F1 while Nick De Vries and…

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Abu Dhabi GP 2022 ?>

Abu Dhabi GP 2022

Hamilton was oh so close to winning his first race this season but Max ruined his race by crashing into him in turn 2. Despite that, Mercedes and Russell tasted victory for the first time in 2022. I hope, but I doubt, that Lewis can take the win in the last GP in Yas Marina – a place that will haunt him based on what happened there last year. Furthermore, this is Vettel’s last race in F1… for the moment….

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Brazilian GP 2022 ?>

Brazilian GP 2022

Two races more and the first season of the new generation of F1 cars is over! A four-time world champion will also be over (from the F1 grid, of course). Hamilton’s record of winning in every season he competed will also be over if he does not manage to take the victory in either Interlagos or Abu Dhabi. I do believe he will manage to keep this record once more though!

Mexico City GP 2022 ?>

Mexico City GP 2022

Both titles have been decided by now and the focus turns to who is going to be the best of the rest. Can Leclerc keep the 2nd position in front of Perez? Will Ferrari cement their 2nd place? There are great battles further back in both championships. The most crucial is constructors championship since it is directly related to the prize money each team will get. Alpine will most possibly finish ahead of McLaren but what about Alfa Romeo (that…

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United States GP 2022 ?>

United States GP 2022

A last-lap mistake from Leclerc in the Japanese GP gave Max Verstappen the chance to celebrate his 2nd F1 World Championship. If there were any questions over his title last season (for all the right reasons), 2022 was his year – he was superior to everyone. Seems like becoming champion in 2021 lifted a lot of weight from his shoulders and now he could perform at an even higher level without the constant pressure to be crowded champion. Congratulations to…

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Japanese GP 2022 ?>

Japanese GP 2022

Red Bull found a way to win despite the fact that Ferrari had the fastest car in Singapore. Going into Japan for the first time since 2019, both championships are practically decided but the battle is on for the all positions behind the first one. I wonder if we will Sir Lewis Hamilton take a victory this season since he has won at least one race every season since 2007. It will challenging but I believe the 7-time world champion…

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Singapore GP 2022 ?>

Singapore GP 2022

Max could be crowded 2022 F1 world champion this Sunday for the second time in his career. Of course, this will need a certain combination of results that are not very likely to happen. The Singapore GP returns to F1 for the first time since 2019 and we expect to watch a great race. Leclerc will be as hungry as ever to take a pole and a victory and keep his 2nd place in the championship standings.

Italian GP 2022 ?>

Italian GP 2022

Max has now won 10 out of the 15 races this season and has seen the chequered flag first in the last 4 races. With both championships virtually decided, it remains to be seen which driver and team will finish 2nd. In 2021, the Italian GP was marked by the collision of Lewis and Max with McLaren finishing a surprising one-two and Ricciardo taking an unexpected win. Can we watch something similar this year? I doubt Daniel can win again…

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Dutch GP 2022 ?>

Dutch GP 2022

Max Verstappen dominated the Belgian GP and the Red Bulls were on a league of their own. Ferrari, once more, pulled off a funny strategy that cost them another place. The Alpines were impressive and seem to have an advantage over the McLarens for the 4th place in the constructors’ championship. Going to Zandvoort, Binotto hopes that the gap will close due to the track layout. However, it’s worth remembering that Max won that race last year with a gap…

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