Why is Data Science still hard? ?>

Why is Data Science still hard?

Data Science and Machine Learning have evolved a lot in the past 7 years that I’ve been practically involved in the domain. ML, with the help of the newest Deep Learning methods, has made huge advancements and problems that were considered untouchable 5 years ago, have now been solved. The good performance of ML on seemingly difficult tasks, like computer vision and natural text understanding, have made it look easy – especially to the newcomers. Too easy to be honest!…

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Austrian GP 2020 ?>

Austrian GP 2020

The F1 circus is starting again! The first race of the new decade is finally coming. The pre-season testing, although completed 4 months ago, showed us that Mercedes is still the team to beat in 2020. The world champions have not rested on their laurels and pushed hard during the winter break. Their latest innovation is the so-called DAS (dual-axis steering) system which allows Mercedes’ drivers to adjust the alignment of the front wheels (from toe-out to neutral) from the…

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Abu Dhabi GP 2019 ?>

Abu Dhabi GP 2019

The last race of this decade! Although both titles have been decided, Brazil gave us an amazing race with lots of highlights. The winner – not only of the race itself – was Max Verstappen who is now 11 points clear of Leclerc in the driver’s standings. Vettel is further back and he is expected to finish the season a mere 5th, and most importantly, behind his junior teammate.

Brazilian GP 2019 ?>

Brazilian GP 2019

Lewis Hamilton is already a six-time world champion and Mercedes have won the constructors title in the last six consecutive seasons! Not much is at stake in the upcoming Brazilian GP. Nonetheless, the drivers will keep pushing for the last remaining points and glory. The battle for the 3rd place in the driver’s championship will be a fight between Leclerc, Verstappen and Vettel.

United States GP 2019 ?>

United States GP 2019

Four points is what separates Lewis Hamilton from his 6th world championship. Unless something surprising happens, Lewis will clinch the title this weekend after delivering a true champion’s drive in Mexico. Apart from this, I guess all F1 fans will be hoping for Kimi to repeat last year’s victory, however unlikely this may be!

Mexican GP 2019 ?>

Mexican GP 2019

Mercedes may have won the previous GP but F1 is heading to Mexico – the circuit with the highest elevation (about 2,300 m above sea level). This means that the air is thinner and this gives the engineers many headaches as they have to adapt the aerodynamics, breaking and cooling to those conditions. The circuit has helped Red Bull win the last two races held there and they will be hoping to get another victory this season.

Japanese GP 2019 ?>

Japanese GP 2019

Mercedes may have won the Russian GP, partially due to the timing of the safety car, but Ferrari proved once again that it has a car capable of challenging for wins in many types of circuits. How quickly things can change!! Mercedes finished 1-2 in Suzuka last year but can he repeat it this year? In any case, he cannot mathematically secure the title in this round no matter where his opponents finish.

Russian GP 2019 ?>

Russian GP 2019

Ferrari won, or rather Mercedes lost, the Singapore GP and Vettel took his first victory after almost 400 days of drought. Russian GP is another race where we’ll be expecting a close fight between the two teams. Red Bull will necessarily be further back due to the expected grid penalties from fitting new engines on their cars.

Singapore GP 2019 ?>

Singapore GP 2019

Leclerc and Ferrari are coming to Singapore after two hugely important – for their spirit at least – wins in Belgium and Italy. The circuit characteristics are not expected to favour their car so it would be surprising to see a Ferrari on the podium on Sunday night. In contrast, Max will have what is needed to challenge Lewis for another win.

Italian GP 2019 ?>

Italian GP 2019

After a weekend that the unthinkable happened, F1 returns to the temple of speed, a circuit that has renewed its contract with F1 for at least five more years. Ferrari and Leclerc have finally won a race and they will be hoping to replicate their performance in front of the tifosi.