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2017 season overview ?>

2017 season overview

2017 season is, unfortunately, over and at the same time that was the end of the first season F1-predictor published qualifying and race predictions. In this post I would like to describe my experience from this first year of keeping this blog and – most importantly – provide an objective assessment of 2017 predictions! Please share the post:

Analyzing F1 tweets ?>

Analyzing F1 tweets

This is something I wanted to create for the past three years: find out if the results of the drivers in a race are reflected on the sentiment of their fans’ posts on social media. After launching this blog, I found the motivation to actually implement it. In this post I present a nice R Shiny app showing the results and I describe the process behind creating it (code included). Please share the post:

Welcome to F1 Predictor! ?>

Welcome to F1 Predictor!

Welcome to F1 predictor, a blog in the crossroads of my two passions: Formula 1 and Data Science. If you are passionate about any of the above, I’m sure you’ll find something interesting in here! Please share the post: