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German GP 2019 ?>

German GP 2019

Lewis Hamilton won yet another Grand Prix this season. Many will say that the safety car helped him – and it did! However, this article by ESPN beautifully explains why Lewis would have won the race even if there was no safety car. Definitely worth reading to understand what 6-time world champions are made of! Anyway, this week F1 is heading to Germany, the race that Vettel infamously lost in 2018 due to a silly mistake in rainy conditions. Will…

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British GP 2019 ?>

British GP 2019

Ferrari and Leclerc were so close to winning their first race in 2019 but failed to do so thanks to an amazing drive from Max Verstappen. They will be trying hard to take the revenge in Silverstone, a race which was won by Vettel last year. Both championships seem to be already decided but the Scuderia has to show some pride at least! Please share the post:

Austrian GP 2019 ?>

Austrian GP 2019

F1 returns to the place where Mercedes saw their last double retirement last year and where Max Verstappen took a somewhat unexpected victory. The previous race has exposed once more the weaknesses of Ferrari and it’s hard to imagine someone else winning this year. Both championships seem to be more or less over and we have just reached 1/3rd of the season. I was never a believer that we had seen Bottas v2.0 and it is proven that he cannot…

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French GP 2019 ?>

French GP 2019

The Canadian GP was the first time this season where a Ferrari crossed the line ahead of both Mercedes. Still, it was Lewis Hamilton who won the race after a controversial penalty on Vettel. In any case, Ferrari were competitive for once and will try to replicate their performance in Paul Ricard circuit this Sunday. Will they make it? I’m not that convinced. Please share the post:

Canadian GP 2019 ?>

Canadian GP 2019

Ferrari has finally managed to stop Mercedes’ consecutive one-twos but again this was due to Bottas getting an unexpected puncture. Canada, a circuit with many long straights, could be a strong race for the team from Maranello. Still, the silver arrows and Lewis look unbeatable this year. Please share the post:

Monaco GP 2019 ?>

Monaco GP 2019

Another one-two for Mercedes, another increase in the gap between them and the rest of the field. With Monaco Grand Prix coming up, there’s a chance for either Red Bull or Ferrari to take the win. Max Verstappen has never won here but given his recent form you cannot rule him out of contention. Ricciardo won here last year but he won’t be having much chance in his Renault. Please share the post:

Spanish GP 2019 ?>

Spanish GP 2019

In a season that was expected to be Ferrari’s, Mercedes has found way to get another one-two in Azerbaijan. Now the F1 circus returns to Europe and all teams are expected to bring big updates to their cars since the logistics allow them to move the new parts from their factories to the Catalunya circuit. Will Ferrari be finally able to keep the promise it gave to their fans during the pre-season testing? Please share the post:

Azerbaijan GP 2019 ?>

Azerbaijan GP 2019

Mercedes are coming for the 3rd consecutive one-two despite not having the fastest car in all GPs but the upcoming Azerbaijan circuit, with it’s really long start-finish straight, should be suiting the Ferraris better. An interesting fact is that only one driver who has started from pole has ever managed to finish in the podium. That’s how unpredictable the next GP is. Please share the post:

Chinese GP 2019 ?>

Chinese GP 2019

Whether the next race marks the 1000th Formula 1 Grand Prix is debatable, but we definitely know that it will be an exciting race to watch! Charles Leclerc lost the win in Bahrain due to a faulty engine component but he – and we – hope that he gets his revenge and takes the win this time. He seems to have the edge over teammate Vettel and if his Ferrari holds strong, rest assured he will do his utmost to…

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Bahrain GP 2019 ?>

Bahrain GP 2019

Last race was a small ‘fiasco’ for Ferrari given the team’s performance in winter testing. Was Mercedes sandbagging in Barcelona or Ferrari somehow lost its performance in Melbourne? I hope we find this out in the upcoming Bahrain GP. The circuit layout and the track’s width have offered some great battles in the past years. This time, F1 has introduced a 3rd DRS zone (in the start-finish straight) which will give us even more fights. Please share the post: