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Mexican GP 2021 ?>

Mexican GP 2021

F1 is approaching a triple-header with Mexico, Brazil and Qatar hosting 3 races in the next 3 weekends. At least the first two of those circuits should better suit the Red Bull cars but Mercedes should try their best in order to keep the constructors and drivers championship battle alive. Perez will be the home favourite this week. Will he have to give a home victory to Verstappen in case he leads and Max is 2nd? Please share the post:

United States GP 2021 ?>

United States GP 2021

The championship lead has changed once more this season after Lewis’ 5th place in the Turkish GP. Max is 6 points ahead with six 6 races to go but Mercedes is in the top of the constructors title – partly due to Bottas’ victory in the last race. The upcoming race is held in the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) in Austin, Texas in a race that is predicted to be exciting. Daniel Ricciardo will also have the chance to…

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Turkish GP 2021 ?>

Turkish GP 2021

In dramatic fashion, Lando Norris missed his first-ever Formula 1 victory in Sochi two weeks ago. Hamilton snatched the opportunity and got ahead in the drivers standings while Verstappen finished 2nd starting from the back of the grid. This weekend, F1 heads to Istanbul – a circuit I was lucky to visit back in 2005 – a place that held an amazing race last year due to wild weather conditions. This time around, finishing out of points is not an…

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Russian GP 2021 ?>

Russian GP 2021

Mercedes have won every single Grand Prix in Sochi, Russia since 2014 so they are definitely the favorites for the upcoming race. Valtteri Bottas, after being confirmed that it is his last season with the team, is on a good form and will try to take one more race win before going to the midfield Alfa Romeo. Meanwhile, the margin of losing further points for both Hamilton and Verstappen is getting smaller. Hamilton has a big chance to make up…

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Italian GP 2021 ?>

Italian GP 2021

The long awaited move of George Russell from Williams to Mercedes for 2022 season has finally been confirmed! This guy really deserves a place in a championship-winning team. However, his job will be the hardest job on earth – to beat Lewis Hamilton in the same car… I’m sure he will amaze us with his attitude, his speed and his approach next season. This change also means that Bottas will be leaving Mercedes to join Alfa Romeo in the place…

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Dutch GP 2021 ?>

Dutch GP 2021

Belgian GP might have been a farce where points were awarded despite no actual racing taking place, however the biggest news this week is Kimi Raikkonen announcing his retirement from F1 at the end of the season. His illustrious career started from driving an F1 car after having only 23 races in single-seaters and includes a world championship in 2007. He is famous for his no-nonsense approach and his unique style – something that reminded many of the 1970’s era…

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Belgian GP 2021 ?>

Belgian GP 2021

After the summer break with 11 out of 23 (?) races completed, F1 returns to Belgium with Hamilton being 8 points ahead of championship contender Verstappen. Max had a fair share of bad luck in the last few races where Lewis managed to pick up huge points and close the gap that existed. The next three back-to-back races in Belgium, Netherlands and Italy will be crucial for both drivers and teams as they will be heading towards the last part…

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Hungarian GP 2021 ?>

Hungarian GP 2021

Did you watch the controversial Verstappen/Hamilton crash in Silverstone two weeks ago? If not, you should definitely do! Max crashed out with a 51G impact and retired while Hamilton received a 10-second penalty – still, he went on to win the race. In my view, it was a racing incident – one that could have been avoided if either driver took their right foot off the throttle. Red Bull has lodged a formal petition to review the penalty that Lewis…

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British GP 2021 ?>

British GP 2021

Another commanding win from Red Bull and Max Verstappen, another step towards the world championship. This time, F1 is heading to Silverstone, UK with a new race format. Firstly, the qualifying session will be held on Friday, not on Saturday as usual. Secondly, on Saturday, the drivers will compete in a 100 km sprint race (17 laps of Silverstone) starting with their qualifying positions. No pit stops are necessary and the first three drivers will receive 3, 2 and 1…

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Austrian GP 2021 ?>

Austrian GP 2021

Mercedes seemed to had no answers to Red Bull’s pace in last weekend’s Styrian GP where Verstappen saw the chequered flag 35 seconds before Hamilton. F1 is racing again this weekend on the same circuit with the only difference of Pirelli bringing a softer set of tyres. It remains to be seen if the C5 tyre (the softest one) will be enough to produce a different race – either due to the cars extracting different amounts of pace out of…

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