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Italian GP 2020 ?>

Italian GP 2020

The temple of speed! F1 is heading to the iconic Monza circuit for the fastest race in the calendar. In such a power-hungry circuit, it will be a great chance to observe what impact (if any) the ban of ‘party’ engine modes has on the qualifying session. Mercedes are expected to be hit the most but Toto Wolff has suggested that it may actually give their cars a boost come race day. Please share the post:

Belgian GP 2020 ?>

Belgian GP 2020

Another triple-header is approaching including three of the greatest circuits. Spa francorchamps, Monza and Mugello! I really can’t wait to watch to fastest F1 cars ever built race in those iconic places. On the same note, F1 has announced the return of the Turkish GP (I’ve been lucky enough to be there in 2005) where cars are expected to take the famous turn 8 at full throttle! Please share the post:

Spanish GP 2020 ?>

Spanish GP 2020

Mercedes may have lost for the first time this season but rest assured that they are still as strong as ever – they have not magically become slow. They will be heading to Barcelona this weekend with the will to prove who’s the boss. Last year, Hamilton led a Mercedes one-two with Verstappen finishing third. I would expect to see the exact same podium this year. Please share the post:

70th Anniversary GP 2020 ?>

70th Anniversary GP 2020

If Hamilton can win with three wheels, is there any chance he could lose this championship? This week we have the double-header in Silverstone but do not expect any last lap drama despite Pirelli bringing softer compounds. The teams have learned and we’ll definitely see more pit stops this time. The only question is whether Bottas can challenge for a win and whether Nico Hulkenberg can take a break from his bad luck. Please share the post:

British GP 2020 ?>

British GP 2020

F1 goes to another triple-header with two races in Silverstone and one in Barcelona. Mercedes are the indisputable leaders and do not seem to have any opponent for this season and the next one – given that the cars will remain virtually the same in 2021. Lewis won this race last year by 25 seconds to the 2nd car. Can he repeat that feat this year? Please share the post:

Hungarian GP 2020 ?>

Hungarian GP 2020

The season so far has gone almost perfectly for Mercedes, McLaren and Racing Point (the “pink” Mercedes), it’s gone decently for Red Bull and has been frustrating for Ferrari. Now F1 goes to a non power-hungry circuit that favours a strong aerodynamic package. Will this mean that Red Bull can challenge Mercedes here? I doubt so but let’s see… Please share the post:

Styrian GP 2020 ?>

Styrian GP 2020

After the mayhem in the first race in Red Bull Ring last week, the teams will be fighting for the second time in just 8 days on the same circuit. Although the period in between the races is too short, some teams will be bringing updates to their cars. The biggest news is that Fernando Alonso will be returning to F1 with Renault next year! I’m really excited with that. Will Bottas win again in a circuit he loves? Will…

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Austrian GP 2020 ?>

Austrian GP 2020

The F1 circus is starting again! The first race of the new decade is finally coming. The pre-season testing, although completed 4 months ago, showed us that Mercedes is still the team to beat in 2020. The world champions have not rested on their laurels and pushed hard during the winter break. Their latest innovation is the so-called DAS (dual-axis steering) system which allows Mercedes’ drivers to adjust the alignment of the front wheels (from toe-out to neutral) from the…

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Abu Dhabi GP 2019 ?>

Abu Dhabi GP 2019

The last race of this decade! Although both titles have been decided, Brazil gave us an amazing race with lots of highlights. The winner – not only of the race itself – was Max Verstappen who is now 11 points clear of Leclerc in the driver’s standings. Vettel is further back and he is expected to finish the season a mere 5th, and most importantly, behind his junior teammate. Please share the post:

Brazilian GP 2019 ?>

Brazilian GP 2019

Lewis Hamilton is already a six-time world champion and Mercedes have won the constructors title in the last six consecutive seasons! Not much is at stake in the upcoming Brazilian GP. Nonetheless, the drivers will keep pushing for the last remaining points and glory. The battle for the 3rd place in the driver’s championship will be a fight between Leclerc, Verstappen and Vettel. Please share the post: