French GP 2018

French GP 2018

Alonso may have won Le Mans 24h and gone a step forward towards the triple crown, but his chances of repeating anything similar this weekend are pretty much non-existent. F1 returns to the Circuit Paul Ricard that held the French Grand Prix on several occasions between 1971 and 1990. The circuit features the distinctive ‘Blue’ and ‘Red’ zones designed to reduce cars’ speed without the need for gravel traps, while any drivers who make a mistake in a corner are still being punishing by traveling over the abrasive surface.

The circuit’s long straights are, theoretically, favoring Mercedes’ stronger engine (if they bring the engine upgrade) but Ferrari showed in Canada a very strong pace. Again, the race should be a story between Vettel and Hamilton with the model predicting the former for both pole position and race win. Race predictions have been updated after the qualifying session.

Driver Qualifying Prediction Actual Qualifying Result Race Prediction Actual Race Result
Hamilton 2 1 1 1
Verstappen 6 4 4 2
Raikkonen 5 6 5 3
Ricciardo 4 5 6 4
Vettel 1 3 2 5
Magnussen 12 9 8 6
Bottas 3 2 3 7
Sainz 8 7 7 8
Hulkenberg 9 12 10 9
Leclerc 17 8 12 10
Grosjean 15 10 11 11
Vandoorne 13 18 16 12
Ericsson 20 15 17 13
Hartley 16 17 18 14
Sirotkin 19 19 20 15
Alonso 10 16 15 R
Stroll 18 20 19 R
Perez 11 13 13 R
Ocon 7 11 9 R
Gasly 14 14 14 R
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6 thoughts on “French GP 2018

    1. Hi Barry,

      Unfortunately, the source where I’m getting the data from has not been updated yet. That’s why I haven’t published the predictions.

      If the data gets updated in the next few hours, I will publish the predictions.


  1. Yes I am in a F1 betting pool located on the west coast of Canada so I have until 11:59 PST or 5:59 GMT time tomorrow.

  2. Yes it does but please include your insights because the model does not take into factors like new engine, etc.

    We bet on the pole and the top ten finishers. The real key is picking the drivers who finish 6th to 10th.

    It is mostly pride with a little cash on the side.

    1. That’s great!

      This year, I’ve actually started collecting betting odds from several bookies for both quali and race.
      When I find (a lot of) time, I’m planning to analyze the model’s predictions against the odds and see if I can find any patterns that lead to gains.

      I’m not a betting guy (I’ve never bet on F1 actually), so I cannot give you any insights on that!

      Since the model directly calculates head-to-head probabilities, you could possibly use them to bet on these markets.
      You can find the probabilities through the API:

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