Monaco GP 2017

Monaco GP 2017

Monaco is going to be a very tight race with Mercedes, Ferrari and (why not) Red Bull since this twisty circuit will hide the deficiencies of their Renault engine. Hamilton and Vettel are again expected to fight for the pole position while Ricciardo may qualify above the Ferrari of Kimi. Jenson Button will struggle although Monaco may be an opportunity for McLaren to get some points. Race predictions have been updated after the qualifying.

It will be interesting to see what Verstappen (and Red Bull in general) is capable of doing in this circuit. Will Ferrari take its first win in the principality since Michael Schumacher in 2001? Will Bottas perform adequately? We’ll find out soon. And let’s don’t forget Fernando Alonso who will miss this GP but will race in the Indy500 having qualified 5th in his rookie year!

Driver Qualifying Prediction Actual Qualifying Result Race Prediction Actual Race Result
Vettel 2 2 1 1
Raikkonen 5 1 2 2
Ricciardo 4 5 5 3
Bottas 3 3 4 4
Verstappen 6 4 3 5
Sainz 9 6 8 6
Hamilton 1 13 6 7
Grosjean 14 8 9 8
Massa 11 14 14 9
Magnussen 12 11 12 10
Palmer 16 16 16 11
Ocon 10 15 13 12
Perez 8 7 7 13
Kvyat 13 9 10 14
Stroll 15 17 18 15
Vandoorne 20 12 15 R
Ericsson 19 19 20 R
Button 17 20 19 R
Wehrlein 18 18 17 R
Hulkenberg 7 10 11 R
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10 thoughts on “Monaco GP 2017

  1. In qualification I would swap Hamilton and Vettel. Oh, and ocon for my opinion should be lower than 10 place in qualification.

    1. Totally agree on Hamilton and Vettel. Based on yesterday’s results, Ferrari seems much stronger. Also the Toro Rossos may have prove to be a big surprise in Monaco this year! Where do you think Button will qualify?

          1. He has a lot of experience here and don’t forget 7th place of Alonso on the previous qualification in Spain. I think McLaren has a good chassis, but weak engine, but engine is not all in Monaco.

          2. What a qualifying that was! Indeed Button got to Q3 (although he’ll start last), Ocon starts 15th and Kimi got his 1st pole since 2008!
            I think (but I don’t hope) that Vettel will pass him during the pit-stops.

          3. You were completely right about Vettel – Raikkonen pit-stops! Kimi and most of fans were not happy about it ).

          4. As a Kimi (and Alonso) fan myself, I’m disappointed! I think this will be the last season for the Iceman, don’t you think?

          5. I’m disappointed too by this decision. But I’m really think that Kimi not working on 100% of his talent. If he had approximately even points with Seb, it wouldn’t happened. For me from championship’s point of view it’s clear – Seb have a good chances to be the champion.

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