Welcome to F1 Predictor!

Welcome to F1 Predictor!

Welcome to F1 predictor, a blog in the crossroads of my two passions: Formula 1 and Data Science. If you are passionate about any of the above, I’m sure you’ll find something interesting in here!

The main purpose of this blog is to drive discussion and bring up ideas around Machine Learning and Data Mining applied on anything related to Formula 1. To this end, I’ll start off by publishing qualifying and race predictions before each race. In the future, I plan to develop predictive models regarding anything F1-related e.g. who is going to retire, who will do the fastest lap in the race, sentiment analysis of F1 drivers’ tweets¬†etc.

Along this process, I’ll post on the technical details behind the creation of such predictions and their performance evaluation. So, expect to find how-to guides on building Machine Learning pipelines; anything from data gathering to predictive models assessment and deployment. I also plan to post about interesting¬†Data Mining topics, not necessarily related to F1.

The predictive models I currently use are pretty much a work in progress. Expect the predictions to get more and more accurate over time, not just because of the more data gathered but also due to improvements in the whole pipeline.

I created this blog for two simple reasons:

  1. There is no such other place where you can get F1 race predictions (at least none I’m aware of)
  2. I just love working with data and I wanted to share my passion, knowledge and ideas on a topic I was thinking about for quite some time

I invite you to interact, leave comments and ask questions. I also welcome your thoughts, ideas and suggestions on additional analysis and potential improvements on the predictive models. I will remove any comments that are offensive, disrespectful or irrelevant.

Thank you for reading, commenting and contributing. I encourage you to learn more about this project by reading the latest posts and I invite you to subscribe to the blog and receive a notification on anything new and exciting!

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